What I know is what I do and what I do is on my blog, so the services I can provide your organization can be taken from the following list of posts by area of development and technology.

Technology Summary

  • Java
  • Linux as the Server Platform
  • Spring Framework, the Bootique Java Framework, and Apache Wicket
  • Jersey and Jackson for REST distribution, binding and consumption
  • Maven and Gradle for Application Builds
  • Apache Solr Search Engine
  • MySQL Primarily for database support, but also PostgreSQL and H2
  • Git for Version Control with accounts on both GitHub and Bitbucket
  • FreeMarker for HTML and Email Templating
  • Mustache and Thymeleaf for Web Page Templating
  • Bootstrap for Responsive and Mobile Theming
  • JQuery and JavaScript when required for client-side web page functions

See my contact page if I can help you with a Java Project or for help leveraging Linux and Open Source technologies in your organization.