Dave Burke on Java, Linux, and the Freedom of Choice

I am a Freelance Developer out of Burlington, Vermont specializing in Java and Microservice Applications. I work exclusively in the Linux flavors of Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Contact me if you need a Java Developer or are interested in moving your operations to Linux.

Recent Posts and Links

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About NixMash

NixMash is short for Linux Mashup, covering the awesome Open Source technologies I use in Linux as a Java Developer. NixMash went online in February 2013 with over 500 posts published to date.

My most recent project is Listreme, a Microservice application featuring the most popular tweets of Twitter User Lists.

Prior to Listreme I built Parasite Wonders for Dr. Bobbi Pritt of the Mayo Clinic. Its code was based on NixMash Spring, my Open Source Spring application on GitHub, with 200+ stars and forked over 100 times.

Contact me if I can help you with a Java Project or for help leveraging Linux and Open Source technologies in your organization.