Thank you for your interest in how I can help you and your small business.

I’ve been writing code in one form or another since the 1980s, and managing web sites since the 1990s. After 30-some years I decided to enter a state of semi-retirement where I no longer code all day, every day. I continue to code and blog as you see here at NixMash, but I am more selective in the projects I accept to do.

I Can Manage Your WordPress Site

While I still enjoy working in Java and Linux Administration, at this point in my life I get the most satisfaction from managing WordPress-based web sites for small businesses who can’t afford the typical rates of Web Design Firms and IT Shops. Yeah, it’s outrageous what a lot of these people want to charge you. I’ll handle the headache of adding web pages, updating content, configuring email accounts, dealing with web hosts, registering domain names and all the other web site stuff you hate so you can focus on your business.

My WordPress Creds

Click on the link below to view the blog posts I wrote describing the work I’ve done in WordPress. I hope you’ll see that I’ve got the chops to take on whatever particular needs your web site might have now and in the future.