Sudo Free Ruby with RVM

If you find yourself using sudo when installing and updating your Ruby Gems, sorry to have to be the guy to say it, but something is wrong with your Ruby setup.  But hey, it works, right?  Yes, but weirdness can result when gems are installed with sudo, and worse, your time is precious and it’s being wasted when deep into a

$ bundle update

you have to start from the beginning because of a permissions issue on a particular gem requiring special attention.

I described how I installed rvm on Linux Mint and it was really really close to being accurate, but not quite close enough because to fix permissions issues on bundling I was typing

$ sudo gem install …

to keep things rolling.

Then I discovered AJ ONeal’s How to install Ruby (and RVM) on Ubuntu (for technotards.)  If you follow the technotard way like this technotard did, you shouldn’t have to type sudo again, and you’ll be on your way to flexible ruby development and versioned RVM GemSets.  Bundle updates should display successful completion with no sudo intervention each time, every time.