Review of JumpstartLab’s Rails Blogger Tutorial

The Blogger Rails Tutorial from JumpstartLab is a complete learning experience if you’re beginning your Ruby on Rails adventure. While building a simple blogging application you’ll touch on all of the basic aspects of Rails development. You’ll be working with Models, Views and Controllers, creating routes, performing data migrations, using forms and partial forms, and working in the Rails Console.

Blogger also gives you hands-on experience installing and working with RubyGems. You’ll be uploading files with the Paperclip Gem and even be adding support for logins and user accounts with the Sorcery Gem.

Let’s look at some screenshots of the Rails blogger application. While you’ll be building the application yourself from scratch, JumpstartLabs provides you with an application stylesheet to help you feel you’re building an actual Rails app.

The Blogger Tutorial is a great way to become familiar working in a new editor if you’re coming to Rails from another language or platform, or both.  Here you see how the tutorial has you working in your editor as well as a terminal Rails Console to learn basic Ruby concepts or install new gems.

Not only does the JumpstartLab Blogger Tutorial give you hands-on experience building a working Rails application, it does so extremely efficiently with clearly explained and indicated console commands and code excerpts.  While you feel you are building the application on your own, you are actually cutting and pasting much of the code from the tutorial into your application and console windows. You’ll be learning a lot and learning it quickly!

Thanks to JumpstartLabs for this excellent Rails tutorial. If you’re getting started with Rails you need to give this tutorial a look.