Here are some of my recent applications and web sites.


Listreme displays the most popular tweets of User Lists based on their number of likes and retweets. Built in Java with the Bootique Framework, Listreme is a distributed application consisting of Microservices, Batch and Web Modules.

NixMash Spring

NixMash Spring, as the name implies, is a Java Spring application used to demo various features of Spring. On GitHub with over 200 stars and forked over 100 times.

Parasite Wonders

Parasite Wonders was built in Java with the Spring Framework. It is the site of Dr. Bobbi Pritt of the Mayo Clinic.


Jangles is a small Java starter application which also serves as a shared module for distributed applications. Includes Guice Injection, User Authentication with Apache Shiro, Caching with Apache JCS, logging, Tomcat JDBC Connection Pooling and external configuration properties with JAXB Marshalling.


CodeJohnny is an XML template-based Code Generation application for creating code in pure Java. Built-in MySQL-to-Java datatype conversion, mustache-like parsing, centralized template library location support, and more.

NixMash Blog

I built this blog in Java with the Spring Framework. Solr search, RSS, WSYWIG Editing, multiple post formats and more. Source code on code on GitHub. I wrote a WordPress-to-NixMash Blog conversion program which is also available on GitHub.