Saving the PHP Bacon with IntelliJ VCS Integration

I was dabbling about over the weekend in my WordPress blog running on my Linux Mint laptop. Just poking around, doing a lot of walk-throughs in IntelliJ IDEA’s debug mode for fun mostly. I loaded the site on Monday morning to find…

I wasn’t doing any real coding during my weekend sessions, so I didn’t think I needed to commit anything to my Git repository.  After checking a few things and confirming the problem was in the PHP code somewhere I thought I’d check if I inadvertently made any changes I didn’t intend to make.

What’s this? functions.wp changed?

What the beepin’ beep?? What’s that “5” doing in there?

I’ll chalk it up to an errant keystroke on this screwy laptop.  The moral: Thanks to version control and how IntelliJ IDEA integrates it so nicely, weird Monday Morning crisis averted!