When WordPress Displays the Install Page on an Existing Site

Part of the process of upgrading my Linux PCs is recreating several WordPress sites. The physical WordPress website is on an extended partition and isn’t touched, but Apache2 and MySql are re-installed.

I upgraded so many times and never have to think about it, but the WordPress Install Page displaying when I tested a site was a first for me.

A look at the wp-config.php confirmed that the MySql database account was correct. And besides, if there was a problem with the database I was expecting to see WordPress’s standard “Error Establishing Database Connection” message, not the Install Page. (That’s not phpdude’s real password…)

In PhpMyAdmin we see the problem immediately. PhpDude has usage privileges to our freshly installed database, but does not have All Privileges.

We’ll fix that in PhpMyAdmin.

Now when we load the site on the freshly upgraded Linux PC we’ll see the home page as expected. The site is a development duplicate of this site, so if you want to see the home page go to http://nixmash.com. haha