.NET to WordPress: The CMS Issue

Continuing with our Case Study on migrating a .NET-based client site to WordPress, there is nearly always a CMS component to address. We’ll see how WordPress Pages quite nicely serve as a CMS for our new site.

Our original .NET-built site used the CMS functionality of it’s framework called Sueetie.  All of the Pattern pages circled below were CMS pages, for instance.

We need to duplicate these and several more pages in WordPress.  The Home Page is a CMS page as well, so in WordPress we’ll make a static page as the site home page, a simple WP Setting.

To support our blog at the url http://sweetseasonquilts.com/blog we create a “blog” page and set it to use the Recent Posts template.

So we now have our blog home page to co-exist with our CMS site home page.

Editing CMS Pages

On the .NET site we used Sueetie’s Popup CMS Editor to edit the page.

Since our “CMS” pages are simple WordPress pages we can add and edit any site pages in WordPress Administration.