.NET to WordPress: Google Calendar Integration

This is the 3rd post in our .NET to WordPress Series on moving Sweet Season Quilts from a .NET-based platform to WordPress. In this post we’ll see how the integrated Google Calendar on our .NET site transfers to WordPress.

Sue Pritt is owner of Sweet Season Quilts and the creative talent behind its products.  Her calendar is an important feature on the site because many quilters want to know if she’ll be conducting a workshop in their area.  Here is the calendar on her original .NET site.  It uses a custom version of the FullCalendar jQuery plugin, and since FullCalendar supports Google Calendar it was a great solution.

On our WordPress site we used Google’s embedded calendar feature. There are several Google Calendar plugins for WordPress, but the embedded approach seemed the cleanest and most lightweight. Here are the instructions at WordPress.com on embedding a Google Calendar on an empty WordPress page.

As a sidenote, the only thing you need from your client to create an embedded calendar is for them to go into Google and make a calendar public, then you’ll need to know their Google account name (but not password.)  I created a public calendar under my own Google account, then substituted the Sweet Season Quilts Google Account name in the embed HTML since I knew it already had a public calendar. There may be other client requirements if multiple calendars, time zones or other criteria are involved.

Here’s the Google Calendar embedded on our http://sweetseasonquilts.com/calendar WordPress page.  We went with Agenda for the default view because it contained more information. “Month” and “Week” tabs are available if the user wants another view.

Integrated Google Calendar…