.NET to WordPress: Case Study Intro

I recently moved a client’s business site from .NET to WordPress and felt it would make an interesting case study of how to take a site based on proprietary technologies and duplicate it in an open environment.

The site is Sweet Season Quilts, a business owned by Sue Pritt who allowed me to use her site as our “Case Study.”  Sweet Season Quilts produces wonderful quilting patterns that you won’t find anywhere else, so be sure to experience our .NET-to-WordPress Case Study site live, and not just for technical reasons.

We migrated Sweet Season Quilts from .NET to WordPress for a number of reasons.

1) The original site was built with Sueetie, a .NET Online Community Application.  Sueetie worked great for us, supporting blogging, media libraries, analytics and a lot more, but it’s ongoing development was recently put on hold.  WordPress on the hand is one of the most popular and thriving applications on the planet.

2) Better Mobile Support.  This was a big issue to us.  Go to Sweet Season Quilts on your smart phone to see what we now enjoy in mobile.  We had mobile support in Sueetie, but it was device-dependent and used a separate mobile theme which we had to support.  We wanted to go with a Responsive approach to mobile, a technology that developed since the initial Sweet Season Quilts site went online.

3) A Move from Microsoft. Since I no longer use Microsoft technologies my clients have the opportunity if they so choose to enjoy the cost-effective alternatives available in the open systems environment.

Site Comparisons: Functionality

Below is a screenshot of the original .NET-based site followed by the new WordPress site. You will find that the sites are nearly identical in appearance.  This took very little effort given the abundance of available WordPress themes.  We went with the Weaver II Theme as it was highly configurable and fully Responsive.

A partial screenshot of the original .NET-based site.

The WordPress Release.

As we address particular site features in upcoming posts you’ll see how we retained all of the features of the .NET site in WordPress.  We’ll look at CMS functionality, Google Calendar integration, Media lists, contact forms and probably a few other things. One more screenshot for you before we wrap up the intro.  Here’s a CMS page segment from the new WordPress site in fully Responsive, Mobile mode. I love it!