Creating a PayPal Donate Link For Your WordPress Plugin

Contained in one of the helpful WordPress templates for submitting plugins is an entry to enter a PayPal Donate link. I would be flabbergasted if anyone felt the desire to donate to my Comment Redirector Plugin, but for completeness sake I felt I should add a “Donate” link. Here’s what that link looks like on the Comment Redirectory Plugin Download Page.

If, like me, you were stuck on how to create a Donate Link for your WordPress Plugin, here are screenshots of the process I took to add one, startingĀ in PayPal Merchant Services where we select “create payment buttons.”

We select a “Donate” Button type.

Enter the name of the plugin so contributors will see it when they make a donation.

Now the good stuff where we have the button HTML at left and what the button will look like at right.

That’s a great button, but the problem is we want a url.

Select the Email Tab. Copy. Paste. Ka-blammo!