When Your SpiderOak Hive View Doesn’t Update

Here’s my current SpiderOak Hive View showing three Linux clients on my local network. All nice and sync’d as you can see.

But what happens when you’ve added a folder to one of your machines and it isn’t showing up from another PC? You’re out of sync, in other words.

I’ve been a paid SpiderOak customer for about a week now and love the service, especially its commitment to privacy. This particular syncing issue has only occurred on my Linux Mint Laptop and I’m suspecting it’s due to the laptop going into sleep mode which does a number on background processes.

The fix is real easy. Open up a terminal console and determine which process SpiderOak is on. The screenshot below contains the action.

  1. Find the process for SpiderOak
  2. Kill it
  3. Enter $ SpiderOak –repair

The time for the repair operation to complete depends on the number of machines and content, of course. For my small amount of content it took around 20 seconds from start to finish. So not a long laborious operation.

Until next time, “Stay in Sync, Dude!”