Updating the Polly Twitter Desktop Client in Linux Mint

This is one of those “posts for me” where I want to document something so I don’t have to think about it next time.  Today the thing I don’t want to think about is updating Polly, a Twitter Desktop Client for Linux.  There are several Linux Twitter Clients available and I happen to like this one.  Here’s a screenshot.

The app is written in Python and in active development, though you’ll find some features like search not yet implemented.  The home page is at https://launchpad.net/polly.

First thing we’ll do to update to the newest version is download the tar.gz (current filename Polly-0.93.9 (pre-alpha 3.9).tar.gz.)  We can then extract it at the command line, but the quickest approach is to simply double-click and extract to a ~/Downloads subdirectory.  This is what the contents of the Polly subdirectory look like.

Here we want to go to the command line and NOT simply double-click on “Install”, so we’ll change into the ~/Downloads/polly subdirectory (let bash directory-complete help you) and run install as sudo.

~/Downloads/polly$ sudo ./install

Our new Polly executable is located in /usr/bin.  On my most recent upgrade I had an issue with Polly not launching.  If this happens to you the following terminal window should hold the key to a successful launch.

A couple of things to point out here.  You see circled that we’re in the /usr/bin directory where we type “polly” and can discover our problem.  We’re missing a module named “gdbm.”  This is a Python module which Polly requires and can be installed with

$ sudo apt-get install python-gdbm

shown at the command prompt.

There, no thinking about upgrading when the next Polly alpha is released!