This Linux Life: My Vermont Code Camp 6 Presentation

I had the opportunity to give a presentation at Vermont Code Camp 6 entitled “This Linux Life.” Below is an Action Photo taken during the session.

The format of the presentation was my traditional expandable HTML/Javascript outline structure, with each of the elements in red linking to screenshots and other references. The section of the presentation shown here was part of “This Developer’s Linux Life” where we covered Application IDEs like Eclipse, Sublime Text, IntelliJ IDEA and so on, Database Management IDEs like PHPMyAdmin, pgAdmin III and Navicat, and other Linux system features serious developers like myself love and use every day. “This Developer’s Linux Life” was followed by “This Everyday Linux Life” where we looked at alternatives to common Windows applications like Photoshop, Quicken, Live Writer, Twitter Clients, Messaging, Gaming and so on.

The storyline of the presentation followed my own transition from Microsoft Windows to all Linux all the time, for work and for play. My main objective was to introduce Linux to Microsoft developers and to show how Linux compares feature-to-feature with what they might currently be using.

We spent a lot of time comparing the Linux Development and Everyday Experience and didn’t get to fully cover the last few areas on Linux distributions, desktop environments and other Linux technical details. That was okay with me, since I feel confident we succeeded in presenting Linux as a complete and exciting choice for developers and non-developers alike.

The online version of This Developer’s Life is available here.