Testing ScribeFire

I’ve spent a bit of time in various blogging clients in Linux and have come to the conclusion that they all blow. I’ve been using Live Writer for years and nothing on any platform–especially Linux–touches WLW in features and sophistication.

My dbvt.com blog goes back to 2003 and used a total of three different blogging engines, DotText, Community Server, and most recently BlogEngine.NET. BlogEngine.NET is an excellent blogging application, but it uses the MetaWeblog API for client access.  This works phenomenally in Live Writer, but all Linux blog clients really suck at talking to MetaWeblog API, as they do most other blog APIs.

So I’m trying the ScribeFire Extension in Chrome as a pure 100% Linux approach to blogging. I have to confess that I do exercise the option during working hours of going between Linux and Windows 7 for producing blog posts, capturing screenshots and notes in Linux and using Snagit and WLW to publish them at dbvt.com.  Samba makes it easy to share content and processes across my two office PCs (Windows at my left, Linux at my right), but the goal is 100% Linux.

Okay, I can see a problem right off the bat.  Where in the heck are categories and tags?

Darn. It looks like we’re back to the BlogEngine.NET TinyMCE Editor for after hours and the 50/50 approach during the week.