Styling Meld in Linux Mint Cinnamon

Meld is an excellent File and Directory Comparison Utility for Linux. I recently upgraded to Linux Mint Sarah 18.1 which uses the latest Cinnamon v3.2.7 Desktop Environment based on GTK+3.0. It’s pretty awesome. Unfortunately Meld looked like crap and was practically unusable. Fear not. If you use the approach I’ll describe in this post you can go from this…

to this!

Linux Mint Cinnamon is based on GTK+3.0, so we’re going to create a gtk.css file in ~/.config/gtk-3.0. Then copy the following into your new gtk.css file to get the above stylings or modify as you like.

@define-color insert-bg #d0ffa3;
@define-color insert-outline shade(@insert-bg, 0.8);
@define-color insert-text #008800;
@define-color delete-bg White;
@define-color delete-outline shade(@delete-bg, 0.8);
@define-color delete-text #880000;
@define-color replace-bg #bdddff;
@define-color replace-outline shade(@replace-bg, 0.8);
@define-color replace-text #0044dd;
@define-color conflict-bg #ffa5a3;
@define-color conflict-outline shade(@conflict-bg, 0.8);
@define-color conflict-text #ff0000;
@define-color error-bg #fce94f;
@define-color error-outline shade(@error-bg, 0.8);
@define-color error-text #faad3d;
@define-color inline-bg #8ac2ff;
@define-color unknown-text #888888;
@define-color current-line-highlight #ffff00;
@define-color syncpoint-outline #555555;
@define-color current-chunk-highlight alpha(#ffffff, 0.5);