Stretching a Selection in Gimp

I spent more minutes figuring out how to stretch a selection in Gimp earlier today than I wanted to because I forgot how to do it. I’m recording the steps here in case I forget again.

We’ve got a screenshot from Spotify. Our assignment is to remove the artist info circled below. We’ll do that by creating a selection block to its right, then stretch the selection to cover the text. By the way, Christopher O’Riley is an excellent pianist who besides playing classical works also does interpretations of contemporary artists like Radiohead and Nick Drake.

We create the selection area and float it so we can work with it as a layer. (Ctrl-Shift-L.)

Our next step is to transform scale the floated selection. (Shift-T)

A dialog box appears, but we’ll just drag the area to cover the artist name area.

And the result.