Smooth Strokes With Gimp

If you’re like me you produce a lot of screenshots and want to highlight regions with a circle, like so.

Except that’s just plain ugly if you’re doing it in Gimp. I’ve used numerous graphics design packages on multiple platforms over the years and rarely did I encounter such ugly strokes. Surely Gimp could do better.

It turns out that it can, but Gimp makes you work a bit more for it.  The secret to smooth strokes in Gimp is first to convert the selection to a path, then STROKE THE PATH.  You can add keyboard shortcuts to make the process as easy as stroking a selection, so it’s not really a big deal.

You can also improve the silky smoothness of your strokes by using the Paintbrush to stroke your path.

Don’t allow yourself to furnish ugly strokes to your colleagues and clients. Make’m smooth by stroking the path. Here’s the original image with the nasty stroked selection replaced with a stroked path.