Quicken to GnuCash: Simplifying the Account List Display

I’m not an accountant, so I need things simple in my Personal Finance software. Fortunately, while GnuCash is designed to meet the needs of businesses and professional accountants, Everyday Joe’s like me can enjoy it, too.

We covered importing accounts from Quicken in our previous post. That post concluded with a GnuCash screenshot of the Quicken account import result. A nice clean list of our main accounts.

That screenshot was not exactly truthful. The real result of importing our Quicken accounts into GnuCash looks more like the next image, where New Hampshire Bank Checking shows up like any other Account, which in Quicken we viewed as categories.

In GnuCash a Quicken category is referred to as a Child Account. Don’t worry, fellow non-CPAs, it’s all perfectly logical once you start using it.

Our task at hand is to simplify our GnuCash Account List to display the familiar account listing we used to see on the Quicken sidebar. In Quicken we clicked on an Account Name and the Account checkbook ledger displayed. We’re going to do the exact same thing in GnuCash.

To streamline our Account display we begin by filtering the view.

In the resulting Dialog Box we select the type of accounts we want to view on our main Accounts List. “Bank” should display our primary accounts, but we can add Credit Card or any other account type.

Each account’s type can be edited as you see below.

A quick filter and we’re seeing exactly what we want to see! Clicking on any of the Account Names will launch a new tab displaying the account’s checkbook ledger, just like in Quicken.