Querying Your Chrome History in Linux

First of all I bet you didn’t know the Chrome History data was stored in a database on your hard drive. Interesting, eh? Here’s how to get at it from a linux user’s perspective. So everyone knows what we’re talking about, your Chrome History is quickly retrieved with Ctrl-H or using the menu option.

To the Terminal

In Linux Mint the History “file” is found in 


I say “file” just to mess with you, because it’s actually a Sqlite database. Let’s get querying!

We’ll start by opening the History database

Looking Around

First we’ll see what tables are found in our History file, uh, I mean database. haha! We can do that by entering a SQL command or by entering “.tables.”

The urls table contains the most valuable information for our History pursuits, so we’ll view the structure of urls and query to our heart’s content.