Operation Olivia Complete!

My move to Linux Mint 15 Olivia is now complete, as both my office PC and laptop are happily running the latest and greatest Linux distribution in the world. (That’s just my personal opinion, of course.)

Here’s a screenshot of my office PC and laptop desktops.

The Rundown

Here’s the configuration rundown on both. I’m a developer so I need lots of nerdy stuff to do my job.

  1. Apache for web development configured with PHP5.  MySql, PostgreSQL and Sqlite3 databases.
  2. Ruby on Rails, installed using non-sudo Ruby Version Manager (RVM) to home directory and configured as Gem Sets
  3. Phusion Passenger Apache Module for Rails sites
  4. Both WordPress and Rails web apps running on their own http://localurl
  5. Sublime Text 2 as Development Editor
  6. Ubuntu One and Dropbox cloud storage
  7. Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition, Glx-Cairo Dock, Linux Mint White Theme, Login Icons collection
  8. Chrome, Thunderbird, Polly Twitter Client, Blue Griffon HTML Editor, Shutter Screen Capture, Upgraded to Gimp 2.8.6

Apart from the apps and services, Linux Mint 14 configuration and data files like emails, ftp sites, SSH keys and custom Gimp keyboard shortcuts where transferred and ready for Monday morning, cause with Operation Olivia now complete it’s time to get back to getting the job done with Mint!