Olivia to Petra Bash: Installing the AMP in LAMP

We began our look at the bash scripts used to upgrade from Linux Mint 15 Olivia to 16 Petra with backing up our data and system environment. We then looked at the bash script used to restore our data, reinstall our applications and recreate our familiar Olivia working environment. At this point we need to setup our development environment, or the “AMP” part in “LAMP,” Apache, MySQL and PHP (and some other stuff.)

We’re going to install Apache, PHP5, MariaDB, PHPAdmin, Oracle JDK/JRE7, and PostgreSQL. Below is our LAMP Stack Installation Bash Script. A link to the actual script will follow. Unlike the backup and environment restoration scripts in earlier posts which can be run once, this script is meant to be executed piecemeal. For instance, there are two sections highlighted in blue which require us to make changes to configuration files or perform some other modification outside of the script.

Here’s the logical structure of the LAMP Installation Script.

  1. Install Apache2 and PHP5
  2. Install MariaDB 10, our Oracle MySQL replacement
  3. With our MySQL services installed we’ll setup PHPMyAdmin
  4. Something I have to do for Java development in JetBrain’s IntelliJ IDEA IDE (a great IDE, by the way) is to install Oracle JDK/JRE7 and in the process remove Open JDK
  5. PostgreSQL completes the install, where we first install the database engine, specify a password for the administrator “postgres” account, and finally configure our linux user account for quick PSQL launch at the command line

Here’s a link to the script tar.gz. As always, I’m not responsible for any bad things which may result from using this script. (Only the good things. ha-ha!)

The Olivia to Petra Bash will continue with restoring our MySQL databases and recreating our Apache2 web site lineup.