Olivia to Petra Bash: Backing Up Olivia

I am now enjoying Linux Mint 16 Petra on my laptop and workstation, and it’s awesome. I’ll write up a review after I settle in a bit more with it. In this post we’ll look at the bash script I used to backup Olivia in preparation for formatting the partition and installing Petra on it.

Here is Petra on my laptop in its current state with Blue Griffon and Pithos open. I’ve made Petra look nearly identical to Olivia because I have no reason to change a working environment that I enjoy so much.

I do only clean installs with Linux Mint. A clean install guarantees no problems running the new version, and it’s a great opportunity to start fresh every 6 months with a new OS version and pristine environment.

Environment Overview

I run Linux Mint on my laptop and a dedicated PC, both configured almost identically. And since I write a lot of code I need to include web sites, development and database support in each upgrade.

Everyday Applications

I covered my Olivia environment in Preparing for Linux Mint Petra. Here is a more concise listing, starting with the applications, utilities and services that have to be installed in the Olivia to Petra upgrade. They are listed in no particular order.

  • Blue Griffon, the WYSIWYG HTML editor I’m using to write this post
  • Pithos Pandora desktop client
  • Thunderbird email client (already installed in Mint)
  • Firefox web browser (already installed)
  • Chrome web browser
  • Filezilla FTP client (already installed)
  • Polly Twitter desktop client
  • Calibre eBook Manager
  • LibreOffice (already installed)
  • Shutter Screenshot Utility
  • Diodon Clipboard Management Utility
  • Samba for exchanging data between Linux and Windows PCs on the network
  • Cairo-Dock desktop dock and launcher
  • Copy Cloud Storage services
  • Ubuntu One Cloud Storage


These are the applications and services required for development.

  • Apache2 Web Server and transfer existing sites, modules and configuration
  • PHP5
  • MariaDB (no more MySQL for Petra and beyond for one less Oracle entanglement). Port Olivia MySQL databases.
  • PostgreSQL and port Olivia PostgreSQL databases
  • IntelliJ IDEA developer IDE from JetBrains
  • Navicat Premium database management for MySQL, PostgreSQL (and other engines I don’t use.) Navicat requires Wine to be installed.
  • Remove OpenJDK and install Oracle 7 JDK and JRE, as IntelliJ IDEA Java libraries require it.
  • Tomcat for Java Web Services and JSP pages
  • Sublime Text 2 development IDE. I rarely use it anymore, but still like to use it occasionally
  • UberWriter markdown editor
  • Meld Diff Viewer

I’m probably missing some apps, but the above gives you the overall layout. There are also things like transferring wallpaper, icon themes, configuration files and so on which we may or may not cover in the bash preparation script.

The Bash Backup Script

Below is the Olivia Environment Backup Script in its entirety. Be prepared to scroll. I’ll include a link to the script at the bottom of the post.

We’re backing up to the Copy Cloud, which works great in Linux and with generous storage quotas. The main areas of the backup script are

  1. Functions to handle tarring files and directories, and dumping mysql and postgreSQL databases.
  2. Backing up the home directory content I want to preserve and…
  3. Working data from a file storage area called Mintland. (For Petra I partitioned a drive for /mintland, so backing up this section won’t be required in the future.)
  4. A “script-within-a-script” for backing up MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  5. Miscellaneous System Data like icons, hosts file, apache2 config files and so forth.

Here’s a link to a tar.gz of the bash script shown above. If you think you can use it, change the $destination, mysql password, and other obvious requirements. Not everyone has a /Mintland data area, I suspect. I am not, of course, in any way responsible for any issues resulting from using this script. I’m providing it here in hopes of helping others enjoy the goodness that is Linux Mint Petra.

Next time in the Olivia to Petra Bash we’ll cover restoring and re-installation onto our pristine Petra!