Moving an Image in the Gimp Workspace Area

Moving an image in a photo editor window shouldn’t be a big deal. I never had to think about it in Photoshop,¬†though it’s been so long I’ve now forgotten. In Gimp I had to seek it out. Thus this quick post.

Keyboard approaches are always best, so the SHIFT-[arrow] keys work well when the image size is greater than the editor area. The arrow keys without SHIFT will move the display in smaller increments. The mouse scroll wheel is also an efficient method of moving the oversized image up and down, with SHIFT-[mouse scroll wheel] moving the image from side to side.

In the Gimp UI there’s a widget that works great though not immediately apparent. Bottom right corner you’ll see the intersected arrows.

When you select the arrows a navigation window appears. Pretty cool, actually.

While speaking about image display and navigation, let’s not forget the Gimp navigation window. I personally rarely use it, but for certain images I’m sure it’s very useful.

And that’s your¬†Gimp Tip for Monday, another unseasonably cold April day in Vermont.