Linux Mint Tech Notes: from Olivia to Petra

I posted my Preparation Guide for upgrading from Linux Mint Olivia to Petra, with the system configuration and applications I’ll need for recreating my current work environment. This post takes us to the next level by listing all of the installation steps in one place. Here was my Nadia to Olivia Tech Notes post for comparison. You’ll find this edition of Upgrade Tech Notes a bit more comprehensive.

System Configuration

We’ll be starting with getting the LAMP stack in place, configuring Samba, installing Oracle Java 7 SDK, that sort of thing. Let’s go!

  • There are many good LAMP Install Guides out there. I’ve used Jeremy Morgan’s post the last few times and will stick with it.
  • I’m moving to MariaDB in Petra and away from MySQL. Here’s the MariaDB Repository listing which generates the packaging commands for MariaDB. It will be my first experience with MariaDB, so we’ll see how it goes.
  • Oracle 7 Java SDK. Here’s a good Ubuntu PPA Install Guide. I used the Wiki-How guide last time and think I’ll use it again because of its completeness.
  • Tomcat. This Ask Ubuntu post was the guide I used successfully in the past to install the latest 7.0.42 release. I’ll be able to ZIP my existing Tomcat server, update .bashrc and configure Apache Proxy Mod from backup references.
  • Samba. Here’s the NixMash Samba Setup Guide.
  • GLX Cairo-Dock. Repository installation steps on The settings for glx-dock are located in ~/.config/cairo-dock, so that will save time in recreating my Olivia Petra Dock.
  • I like the “White” theme I’ve been using, but it isn’t certified for Cinnamon 2.0. I may instead want to go with a Petra base package theme and customize it rather than use a theme last certified for Cinnamon 1.6. The White Theme (and other themes I installed in Olivia) are located in ~/.themes, so an easy matter of copy-paste if I decide to use it.
  • I like the LoginIcons set I used in Olivia, so I could make a copy of /usr/share/icons/LoginIcons for quick transfer to Petra


That should about do it for the system configuration. Now on to the apps!

OKAY! I think I’m ready when Petra goes Gold. I’ll make a few notes during the upgrade no doubt, maybe compile a script so the next Mint Upgrade will be even more streamlined. Stay tuned.