Linux Mint 14 Samba Configuration Tips

There are many excellent Samba configuration guides out there, but one more won’t hurt.  Here I will touch on some of the configuration issues that helped me quickly setup Samba on my Linux Mint PC and share content with other Windows PC on my Windows Workgroup.

First thing to know is that Linux Mint 14 (Cinnamon) installs Samba by default.  Below is the Samba Configuration item you want to see in your Administration Menu.

You are not going to see the Samba Configuration Tool unless you install the Samba System Configuration package. At least it wasn’t accessible for me on initial installation. If you find the system-config-samba Package already installed, simply mark it for re-installation and apply. The Samba System Configuration package.

Assigning Users to Your Samba Shares

A potentially confusing point of configuring Samba on your Linux Mint 14 box may be giving users access to your Samba Shares.  Remember to create any user accounts first on your Linux machine so they will appear in the Samba Configuration Utility.

Once you’ve created Samba Users from your Linux Users you can assign share access to specific users.

Permissions Tip and a Restart

Don’t forget to assign appropriate permissions to your Samba Shares as shown below for the “mintland” share.  You can do this with a CHMOD or in Cinnamon’s GUI Folder properties.  I created a group called “mintsters” for those users I wanted to provide access to mintland.

You’ll also want to remember to restart your Samba Services after changing the configuration.  The easiest way to do that is in Terminal.

sudo restart smbd

The Payoff

Success!  The payoff is now having full access to my Linux machine Samba Shares from any Windows PC on my Windows Workgroup.