How to Mount Linux Partitions in Ubuntu

There are different instructions on how to mount Linux Partitions in Ubuntu. I know because I’ve followed bad instructions before, but I think you’ll find that this simple approach mounts a hard disk partition in Ubuntu nicely.

What we’re going to do is mount a logical EXT4 partition to a directory called /ubuntuland. We’ll start in GParted because it’s the easiest way to obtain the partition’s UUID which we’ll be using later.  Select the partition you want to mount and select “Information” from the menu or double-click on its entry. (This post was written after-the-fact, so pretend the “Mounted on /ubuntuland” isn’t there yet.)

Next we’ll make the directory off the root.

/$ sudo mkdir /ubuntuland

Here’s where the partition’s UUID comes in. We’re going to add it to our /etc/fstab file. Don’t worry about typing it in, as you can copy and paste from the GParted information panel shown above.

First backup /etc/fstab

sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab_backup

…then launch an editor and add your version of the following.

UUID=cb11b22d-0764-41ca-9c87-1358c076f991 /ubuntuland ext4 defaults 0 0

Mount it and go!

sudo mount -a