How to Install Blue Griffon in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

I refer to Blue Griffon as a “Straight Download” install because there’s little more than downloading the Tar, extracting it to a directory and pointing a launcher at it. It is my preferred way to install Blue Griffon, but I should mention that if you can also install it through GetDeb shown in this post. If you go with the repository method remember to change the release code from “precise” to “saucy” (or whatever Ubuntu you’re using.)

To begin our 3-step installation we’ll go to the Blue Griffon download page and select the most current Ubuntu version, 13.04. I’m running Ubuntu 13.10 and Linux Mint 16 and the Blue Griffon build for Ubuntu 13.04 works fine on both.

Next we’ll extract the /bluegriffon directory. I store Blue Griffon by its version number (currently 1.7.2), but that’s up to you.

Finally we’ll add the launcher. Simply enter the command path to “bluegriffon” in the directory where you extracted the Tar.

There it is! You’re blogging with Blue Griffon!

As a bonus, if you like the Blue Griffon Icon I’m using, you can download it here.