File Dialog Keyboard Shortcuts in Cinnamon

One of the great things about Linux Desktop environments is the complete array of keyboard shortcuts that make us more productive. In most everyday applications like Gedit, Gimp and Libre Office we use File Open and Save dialog boxes.  Gnome-Cinnamon gives us the ability to stay on the keyboard throughout the entire process to make working with files super efficient.

Let’s use Gedit as an example and open a file with CTRL-O.

This is what first appears. We want to edit our /etc/hosts file, but we don’t want to have to grab the mouse and click on the File System location folder to get started and then click a couple more times to load our hosts file.

Here are a couple great tips to get started with the File Open dialog box in Cinnamon.


CTRL-L displays the location bar in Cinnamon (pressing CTRL-L again hides it), so we can start typing /etc/hosts immediately.  Pressing the DOWN arrow when the Open Files dialog box will display the Location bar and put the focus on it as well, which is very handy.

Another tip is using

ALT-1, ALT-2, etc

This selects one of your Places Folders based on the order they appear. In the dialog box above, ALT-1 would select “mintland” and display its contents, ALT-2 would select the “x” folder, then Documents, Pictures, and so forth.

I’m always on the lookout for great Cinnamon Keyboard Shortcuts, so if you have other File Dialog keyboard shortcut tips please share them in the comments.