Efficient Desktop Navigation in Linux Mint Cinnamon

After moving from Microsoft Windows to Linux I discovered that I now think more in terms of efficiency, of using the power of Linux to get the job done better and faster.  Most of us Linux geeks seem to always have a terminal window or two open, which means we spend a lot more time at the keyboard and less time with the mouse.

I found myself going back and forth between Chrome and a terminal window recently and knew there had to be a way in Linux to eliminate having to use the mouse to do so.  Then I discovered Cinnamon’s ALT-TAB window switching.   Microsoft Windows users are no doubt laughing, knowing that they had this feature forever. I guess that’s true, but I never used it, and probably not that many other Windows users do either.

The point is that Cinnamon supports efficient desktop navigation that efficiency-minded Linux users will want to use.  Here’s window switching with Linux Mint Cinnamon with ALT-TAB.  No mouse required.

You can go for fancier window navigation with Cinnamon extensions like CoverFlow AltTab.  Here’s a screenshot of that.

Don’t forget, since Cinnamon is based on GNOME 2, all of the GNOME keyboard desktop shortcuts are also available.  Here’s an excellent list of GNOME Keyboard Shortcuts at the LinuxMint.com Community site.