DBVT.COM Goes Linux to Celebrate Its 10 Year Anniversary

I started blogging 10 years ago at DBVT.com. DBVT stands for Dave Burke VermonT.  (I’m big on economical domain names and DBVT seemed a good idea at the time back in early 2003.) Nine years later in 2012 when I returned to my Linux roots I felt it was important to make a complete break with my Windows past. I came up with the domain NixMash.com as my new crib. NixMash is short for Unix Mashup. I’ve been a happy mashed-up UNIX blogger ever since.

The question remained, “What to do with DBVT.com?” The site represents nine years of my life with over 2000 posts. Lots of geeky .NET stuff on the blog, but there were also book and podcast reviews, everyday observations about donuts, chicken wings and other important issues, and a long-running series with 100’s of posts called Everyman Links where I linked to topics of interest while adding a bit of commentary.  My own Google+ before there was a Google+.

So I couldn’t allow my Windows posts to intermingle with my Linux posts on the same blog. That’s just wrong on principle. My decision was to make my previous life experience accessible but separate. As part of the new “accessible but separate” philosophy, DBVT.com would have to come into the Linux fold, so I imported the Muther into WordPress. No small task given the size of the blog, but it was a valuable experience.

With DBVT.com now a WordPress blog I can maintain it on my Linux Mint machines and have some fun with it again. So I updated it to the current Dave Burke online brand. Same WordPress look and feel as NixMash, with easy-to-navigate links back and forth between “the .NET Years” and Present Day.

Yes, it’s a happy, happy day! Below is my NixMash blog at left and beside it my archived Windows blog at DBVT.com. The grey side-bar “About This Blog” area is blog-specific with links to the blog counterparts. I modified the Post Lists at DBVT.com to single-line display, with date and category of the post to denote its more archival nature. DBVT.com shares the NixMash contact page and there may be more integration in the future, as much as is ethically acceptable, of course…