When Your Thymeleaf URI is Not Registered in IntelliJ

I’m working on a new machine and new install of IntelliJ 2016.3. The support of Thymeleaf is awesome in IntelliJ HTML coding, but on my new environment I didn’t have my smart HTML pages anymore. IntelliJ kept telling me xmlns:th=”http://www.thymeleaf.org” was not registered. Goodbye Intellisense.

I tried adding a Thymeleaf DTD in Schemas and DTDs without success.Then I read at the JetBrains site that Thymeleaf Support was built-in since IntelliJ 2014! Reading closer I saw the answer in the form of a section heading, “Enabling the Thymeleaf Plugin.” Ohhhhh…

I restored all of my IntelliJ environment settings from another machine earlier of course, but apparently I needed to enable the Thymeleaf plugin manually.

Hello Intellisense!