When Your Gradle Dependencies Don’t Reload in IntelliJ

I made some rather substantial changes to an IntelliJ project build.gradle file and decided to trash my dependencies and reload. Probably not the smartest approach, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

I’ll simply make my changes to the build.gradle file and click IntelliJ’s magic button, the Gradle project refresh.

After several failed attempts to re-initiate dependency download I took the radical route of recreating my IntelliJ project with only my /SRC folders and build.gradle. They were all I needed, after all. In my fresh IntelliJ project my dependencies STILL would not reload.

I was looking at the issue as an IntelliJ IDE issue, but it turned out that it was a simple Gradle build configuration issue. It was my screw-up, in other words.

My screw-up was not telling Gradle where my dependencies were located! Once I added

repositories {

…Gradle and IntelliJ were once again able to perform their impressive duties. My dependencies downloaded, my project rebuilds, and I am back in business.