Up and Running with Wicket Bootstrap in Eclipse

One of the interesting projects happening in the Apache Wicket space is Wicket-Bootstrap from Michael Haitz. All of the conveniences of Wicket and Bootstrap in a single workspace. Here’s how to get up an running with Wicket-Bootstrap in Eclipse.

We’ll first download the Parent Package from the Wicket-Bootstrap homepage. This post is using version 0.8.4. Once downloaded we use Maven to build the Wicket Bootstrap projects.

With hopefully a successful result.

In Eclipse we’ll import the projects.

We’ll be adding Tomcat Server support for the Wicket Bootstrap Samples project so we convert Samples to a Faceted Form…

…and enable the Dynamic Web Module.

When configuring the Web Deployment remember to add the Jars of the other Wicket Bootstrap projects as usual as well as the Java Build Path Entries.

The result will look like this.

Run As -> Run on Server, baby!