The Java Jangles Caching Wrapper

New on Java Jangles is JangleCache, a simple wrapper to Apache Commons Java Caching System (JCS.) Java Jangles is available on GitHub.

JangleCache makes it easy to cache objects through simple calls like


This was the first use of JangleCache, in fact, as we’re putting the file contents into a JangleConfiguration class and then caching it. The expense of performing a disk read each time we wanted an application property was unacceptable.

JangleCache has the following public methods:

  • public static JangleCache GetInstance();
  • public Object Get(Serializable key)
  • public void Put(Serializable key, Serializable _object, double maxLifeMinutes);
  • public void Put(Serializable key, Serializable _object);
  • public void Remove(Serializable key);
  • public void Clear();

There are JCS wrappers out there that are much more extensive and complex, but I always go for the simple approach when possible.

Because JangleCache is instantiated with a static method, using it is always performed with a single line of code. The Cache Put() method was shown above. Here is how we would retrieve an object from the cache.


Since there’s little more to say about JangleCache we might as well clear it from memory.