Spring-Data GitHub App at v0.0.7 with Profiles

My Spring-Data App on GitHub goes to v0.0.7 with the addition of profiles and a few other things. The JPA Configuration in v0.0.7 has been redesigned to support multiple Profiles, with DevConfig and ProductionConfig classes containing the DataSource definition and extending a JPACommonConfig base class. Both configurations use MySQL in this update, but in v0.0.8 we’ll configure the “Dev” profile to use H2 to support more types of data tests.

The application launches in a more Spring-like way in this update, with the Main() class initializing the Application Context and retrieving a single bean which is already wired and which serves as the application’s entry point.

Recent NixMash posts covering aspects of Spring-Data v0.0.7 include:

Here’s the implementation list for v0.0.7:

  • “Production” and “Dev” Spring Profiles
  • Testing added for ApplicationContext and Data Retrieval
  • Re-architected main() to load context, and a single bean to startup application from Beans already wired
  • Broke out Production and Dev JPA Configurations by profile, extending a base configuration class. Plan to redesign further in v0.0.8
  • Spring Profile now set in Gradle.build bootRun task

The output and JPA queries have not changed from v0.0.6 as shown below.