Setting Up Wicket Examples With Tomcat In IntelliJ

The complete title of this post is “Setting Up Wicket Examples In IntelliJ from Download to Running in Tomcat in 3 Minutes Or Less” as you’ll see it’s a very speedy process. I blogged a step-by-step guide on how to setup the Wicket Examples in Eclipse a while back so for completeness here’s the IntelliJ IDEA version.

First we’ll download the Wicket Repository from GitHub.

Next drag the wicket-examples folder from the ZIP to its own folder.

We open the Maven pom.xml and IntelliJ does the rest.

Our Wicket Project is fully formed and ready to rock in IntelliJ.

We’ll quickly setup Tomcat.

Add a local Tomcat server

And select the Web Artifact for deployment.

Run it…

And bam!  There we are!