Prepping Eclipse Mars for Spring and Gradle

After a long-time coding in IntelliJ IDEA I realized I’ve been missing Eclipse, so the foreseeable versions of NixMash Spring will be built in Eclipse Mars. That means that upcoming releases should be easily opened in both IntelliJ and Eclipse, as long as both have the necessary Spring Framework and Gradle support. This post will cover how we lay the groundwork in Mars to make Eclipse NixMash Spring friendly.

Here’s what NixMash Spring looks like in the Eclipse Project Explorer. Nice, eh? We’ll cover the particulars of loading up NixMash Spring in Eclipse for the first time in a separate post, so you’ll be seeing this screenshot again.

Springtime on Mars

The first thing we’ll do is celebrate Springtime on Mars by heading to the Eclipse Marketplace and loading the Spring Tool Suite.

After restarting Eclipse we have this sweet Spring Dashboard.

On To Gradle

Gradle is next on the to-do list, but there are several package options for Eclipse so which Gradle do we chose? If you read the Gradle STS Tutorial you’ll see that a Gradle Support STS Extension is available from the “Extensions” Dashboard link.

This Gradle Support tools will definitely do the job for you, but I personally went¬†with the Buildship Gradle Plugin for Eclipse¬†because I like the UI better and it’s built from scratch by the Gradleware Tooling Team. Add to that some confusion over ongoing Pivotal support for the Gradle Plugin for Eclipse. (I’m linking this post to Google+ if anyone wants to clarify that issue. Link is at bottom of post…)

That should do it on preparing the way in Mars to load up NixMash Spring. Next time we’ll step through the process of loading NixMash Spring in our Spring and Gradle enriched Eclipse IDE.