Notes on Installing Wicket-Bootstrap 0.9.5 From GitHub

I wrote a post titled Getting Up and Running with Wicket-Bootstrap in Eclipse a few months back. Good post! I used it as a reference when installing Wicket-Bootstrap 0.9.5 today from the GitHub Repository.┬áThat post described installing the official download package from Michael Haitz’s Wicket-Bootstrap Demo Site. Doing a fresh install of the latest Wicket-Bootstrap bits directly from the GitHub Repository was a little different, so here is a follow-up post.

First let’s skip to the end and see Wicket-Bootstrap 0.9.5 singing a sweet song in Eclipse. Pretty, eh?

Wicket-Bootstrap is a Maven project, so the first step in building an Eclipse project with Maven is usually something like

$ mvn eclipse:eclipse

I was having problems building the projects. Here’s the error I was getting.

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project wicket-bootstrap-extensions: Could not resolve dependencies for project de.agilecoders.wicket:wicket-bootstrap-extensions:bundle:0.9.6-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact de.agilecoders.wicket:wicket-bootstrap-core:jar:0.9.6-SNAPSHOT in sonatype-nexus-snapshots (

The solution was to enter the following Maven command

$ mvn clean install -U

which successfuly built the project.

After the successful Maven build I added Eclipse support with

$ mvn eclipse:eclipse

In Eclipse

Eclipse Notes include the usual configuration points, most of which were covered in my earlier post. There were only a few Errors that Eclipse caught, and they were in HTML files that contained malformed tags. Minor stuff.

One issue to point out is that Maven named the projects with a “Wicket-” prefix, but the projects created in Eclipse did not have the “Wicket-” prefix as you see below. This meant they had to be re-referenced in each of the projects. Again, a very minor issue.

The project wouldn’t fire-up the first time for me because I forgot to add the framework projects as Deployment Assemblies.

Another item that’s easy to forgot is to add the Tomcat Library in the Web Project Build Configuration.

One final note is to remember to change the WEBCONTENT/ which Eclipse creates when creating a Web Project to Wicket-Bootstrap’s /src/main/webapp.

Those are my notes on installing Wicket-Bootstrap from GitHub. Now I have TWO references I can consult the next time I install Wicket-Bootstrap.