New User Email Verification with Spring, the Process

We’ve been enhancing user registration in NixMash Spring v0.5.0 with bogus email domain detection and now with New User Email Verification where the user must click on an email link to complete site registration. In this post we’ll walk through the process of registering with User Email Verification. We’ll get into the code in a follow-up post.

New Registration Form Message

A message has been added to the registration form telling the user what happens next, that they will receive an email to verify their trustworthiness, or something like that. Hopefully Jill Janson entered a valid email address!

The email is sent and a flash feedback message is displayed telling the user what just happened.

The Email

Here’s the email Jill receives with the one-click completion link to become an authenticated User. The email is formatted with a Freemarker Template.

The User Account is Verified!

Jill clicks on the email link and her registration is complete! Welcome to NixMash Spring! Now all she has to do is login.

Unverified Jill

Another Jill, an evil Jill, thinks she can avoid the Email Verification process. Her email address has not yet been verified but she thinks she’s above that. When Evil Jill tries to login she sees the following message which includes a link to resend the verification email to her.

Jill relents and decides to play nice so she clicks on the “resend verification” link to try again.

The Coolness

We’ll cover The Coolness in how we use Spring to perform the above magic in our next post.

Source Code Notes for this Post

All source code discussed in this post can be found in my NixMash Spring GitHub repo and viewed online here.