Launching the Eclipse Web Services Explorer

The Eclipse Web Services Explorer is a great tool for java developers, but launching it can be slightly tricky. First let’s take a look at the explorer and show you a sample of what it can do. Here we’re sending a test parameter to a Farenheit to Celsius JAX-WS Web Service. No web client coding required.

The Web Services Explorer launches when we’re creating a Web Service in Eclipse, but what about after the service is created? In that case we right-click on a WSDL file, select “Web Services” and “Test with Web Services Explorer.”

Boom, baby!

The problem–if you want to call it a problem–is that you might not see the “Test with Web Services Explorer” sub-menu option and start looking hither and yon for the darn thing. As can happen in other circumstances when something seems to be hidden in the Eclipse IDE, we’re not in the Java EE Workbench Perspective.

Java EE, not Java.