Jangles JAX-WS Web Service Project Now On GitHub

The Java Jangles Project continues to expand with the release of Jangles JAX-WS Web Service and isĀ available for download on GitHub. This Jangles project demonstrates a fully functional Java JAX-WS Web Service.

Keywords: JAX-WS Tutorial, JAX-WS Example Project, Complete JAX-WS Web Service Implementation

I created Jangles JAX-WS in IntelliJ IDEA. Here is the project layout of the initial release.

Our HelloWorld Service contains two Web Methods: a standard HelloWorld() and a method which returns the sum of two numbers. Our HelloWorld Class is an Interface to the HelloWorldService Implementation Class.

The HelloWorldService Implementation class.

The WSDL was created with IntelliJ IDEA’s WSDL Generation feature. I made no modifications to the WSDL other than providing my local Web Service Url.

The Web Side

Here are the Jangles JAX-WS web.xml and sun-jaxws.xml files to complete our web configuration. Notice we’re giving HelloWorld a url pattern of /hello for a service url of http://mysite/hello.

And just to prove that Jangles JAX-WS is a fully functional Web Service, here’s the display of http://javaws/hello on my Linux Mint development PC.