Introducing Java Jangles, a Flavor Application

Since I left the world of Microsoft .NET and Windows in late 2012 for Open Technologies and Linux I’ve worked with a number of languages on various projects. Most of that work is available on GitHub under my account name of Mintster. (Mintster, as in Linux Mint Dude.)

There you’ll find a Ruby on Rails Coupon Management application, my Comment Redirector WordPress Plugin where I enjoyed getting back into PHP coding, several WordPress and Drupal site backups, and now, Java Jangles.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Jangles is defined as

A “flavor word” added after absolutely any other noun to make your sentence cooler than anyone else’s.

That’s actually a good description of Java Jangles. Unlike other applications in my GitHub repository which have clear functions, Java Jangles is, at least initially,  a “flavor application” used to demonstrate various Java language patterns like dynamic app configuration, caching, logging, run-time data provider switching, and so on.

Jangles gives me the opportunity to explore and blog about various Java issues I find interesting and cool. Java Jangles will also serve as a vehicle for me to migrate some of the .NET code libraries I’ve built over the years in Microsoft World.

For historical purposes and as an idea of what Java Jangles is all about, here is the project layout as reflected in the initial Git commit. I’m certain it’s going to look a lot different over the weeks and months ahead.