IntelliJ IDEA Keymapping for the Linux Mint User

While the title might suggest I’m only providing advice for Linux Mint users, everyone who works in Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA should know these keymapping power tips.

Here’s the big one I want to mention, which is for everyone. SHIFT-CTRL-A!!! This keyboard combo shows you action options that you might want to perform and do not yet know the keyboard shortcut for.

As an example, let’s say we want to find where we used the prepareCategorySearch() function below. CTRL-W to select, then…

SHIFT-CTRL-A! We can start typing “usages” for all usage options or “Show us…” which highlights the “Show Usages” action along with the keystroke combination for future reference.

And here are our usages of the prepareCategorySearch() function.

The Productivity Guide

If you look at the Action Option dialog box above you’ll see “Productivity Guide” at the top of the list. Be sure to check that out sometime. It tracks your actions and provides additional productivity tips.

For Linux Users

Here’s the tip specifically for fellow Linux Mint Users. I was using one of my new keystroke combinations of power this morning and found myself in a Linux TTY terminal screen. WHAT TH—! Fortunately I could swivel my chair to the right and use my Ubuntu desktop to Google how to return to the desktop from TTY. (It’s ALT-F8, by the way.)

IntelliJ IDEA provides a keymapping option specifically for Linux Mint Cinnamon Users. Well, it’s for all Gnome desktop users, but Cinnamon qualifies. You’ll find alternatives to conflicting key sequences like ALT-Function used by Gnome and by extension, Cinnamon.