Installing the Eclipse Kepler Java 8 Patch

There are several good guides on installing the Java 8 Patch to Eclipse Kepler, including this one from Wayne Beaton, Director of Open Source Projects at the Eclipse Foundation. It never hurts to have another reference for the process, even one like this one where you’ll find mostly screenshots. Hey, pictures are good right?

Notice the url to use for the Java 8 Patch.

Quick review of what we’re about to do.

Accept the license.

Watch the patch install.

Restart Eclipse!

If you’ve installed the Java 8 JDK and JRE and set the JRE as the default for your system, Eclipse will find the JRE on restart, but you’ll need to add it to Eclipse and to any projects you plan on moving to Java 8. I’m going to cover configuring Eclipse projects to use the 1.8 JRE in a separate post.