Installing the RabbitMQAdmin Command Line Tool in Linux

The Web-based RabbitMQ Managment Plugin is great for RabbitMQ Development, but sometimes you need the efficiency of the Command Line. That's where the RabbitMQAdmin Command Line Plugin comes in to play.

First here's the RabbitMQ Web Manager if you've not see it.

To install the Manager execute the following at the command line.

$ sudo rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management

You'll find the RabbitMQ Manager waiting for you at http://localhost:15672.

Now that we've got the Manager up and running we'll use it to install our RabbitMQAdmin Command Line Tool.

At the very bottom of the RabbitMQ Manager page is a Command Line link.

It will take you to this helpful installation aid.

We go to the "Download it from here" link and with the file rabbitmqadmin in our ~/Downloads directory we add it to our path and make it executable.

Now go enjoy the Command Line efficiency of RabbitMqAdmin!