GUI Generated Entities for Spring-Data GitHub App v0.0.6

The Spring-Data GitHub App we’ve been covering on NixMash goes to v0.0.6 with Entities generated with the Persistence View Tools in IntelliJ IDEA. We covered the Persistence View ER Diagram and Database Schema Mapping tools in the previous two posts if you’re interested. Here’s a screenshot of the IntelliJ ER Diagram tool for the v0.0.6 Entities to give you an idea of the Persistence View Tools in case you never used them.

We’re generating output using the new GUI-made Entities in v0.0.6. Here is an excerpt.

Up Next

Up to this point we’ve only been retrieving data with Spring Data JPA so it’s time to start moving data both in and out of our database! Also, I never liked the schema we’ve been using up to this point, so we may be seeing an all-new Contacts database in v0.0.7.