Getting the Most from Wicket Error Logs in Eclipse

You’re coding along, running your website in Eclipse and everything is great!

But then you run into this.

First of all, if you DO encounter the above empty “Internal Error” screen in Eclipse, there’s an excellent chance you’re in DEPLOYMENT mode rather than DEVELOPMENT mode. When in Development Mode you want to see this.

Development/Deployment Mode is set in your /resources file like so.

Regardless of what mode you’re in, it’s good to know where helpful Wicket Error Logs are located in Wicket and Eclipse. A useful error log to know in Eclipse is the .log file in your workspace directory’s .metadata folder. Here you can see we have a String cast exception.

Another error log file you’ll want to know about is configurable in your Wicket logback.xml file as shown below. I’m using a relative location from my Linux home directory.

Here we see Wicket-specific exception information. Between the previous .log file and the wicket-bootstrap log file it appears we can zero-in on the linkid parameter.

As they say, it pays to know where to look!