Adding Tomcat 8 in Eclipse Kepler

If you think it’s time to move to Tomcat 8 and want to upgrade your Eclipse Kepler projects, here’s how to add Tomcat 8 support to Eclipse Kepler. This post expands on the solution from Jason Boggess in this StackOverflow answer if you want to check that out first.

Here’s our situation. We want to create a Tomcat 8 server, but we don’t have that option in Eclipse.

Installing the latest Web Tools Platform from the Eclipse WTP Downloads page will do the job for us. As of this post, the latest version is 3.6, so scroll down the WebTools Downloads page until you see it.

On the WebTools 3.6 page, scroll to Traditional Zip Files and “Web App Developers” for the non-SDK package ZIP and download “wtp4x” circled below.

From the ZIP copy the features and plugin folders over your Eclipse counterparts.

Restart Eclipse and we’re good to go.